Posted by: Mary W. Farkas | June 22, 2010

Feeding the soul

The soul is alive with the personality and the conscious mind. It exists in a place, within my being. It can expand and shrink with stumuli.
To keep a soul fit, it must have exercise and relaxation, just as the physical body needs a regimen of walks, work, and rest.
What is the diet of my soul?
Scripture feeds my soul. The familar words of the Gospel of St. John, and the Epistles, the less familar words of the Prophets and the Law feed my soul.
The delicate wording of the poetry of T. S. Eliot feeds my soul. The workmanship of Walt Whitman, the singing lines of Robert Frost fill the senses and feed my soul.
Does television, or American culture, feed the soul? It may. There are television or radio commercial ads that can bring me to tears. I feel that sentimental situations and messages can expand my soul, and lead my mind to understand empathy and togetherness.
Prayer is the blest gift. Prayer brings me closer to the stillness of creation, the struggle to understand, the loosening of intellectual thought and opening up to hear, feel, and receive a message. That message is love.


  1. I am still experimenting with blogging. Haven’t got the hang of tags, yet. Sort of like hang nails. And how do I delete Uncategorized? Yuck yuck. Ah, how like life: not a destination, but a journey. Lots of hardpan washboard on this here journey.

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