Posted by: Mary W. Farkas | October 8, 2010

Moved To Tears

Emotions swirl; words are said, feelings are hurt.

A high form of grace is the intimate knowledge that God is with you. A form of madness is when one thinks he or she knows the mind of God. A relationship exists between these states that is a like the symbol of the two sides of a coin; this is more like the mucilage and the image on a paper postage stamp, each a unique state, and yet without use if the other state does not exist.

Breaches of intimacy are damaging; the rejection of the other when bonds are broken bites through promises, dreams, and possibilities. Personalities change, sometimes abruptly, when, let’s say, a long marriage ends. There had been the two unique personalities of each of the spouses, and now a new “person” forms where the two cleave together. Now, in motion as swift as birth, to cleave assumes its other definition: to divide. The two stand alone and their former love relationship is a corpse fallen between them. From this death come new lives as strangers, friends or adversaries.


  1. You are a righteous woman. How fantastic it is to be tour friend.

  2. So we have these related dualities, something of a chain. Within those exist others. Can pleasure be understood without a knowledge of pain? Yin requires yang to be fully formed and informed. At some point duality can morph into dichotomy, and the vast grey space in which we pass the time splits into black and white.

    And then we are fucked.

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